Our interior designs enhance the atmosphere and business environment of commercial spaces, creating an elegant and dynamic working area that suits the ethos and function of your business. We create individualised, high quality designs for shops, restaurants, bars, hotels, offices, retail centres and other commercial buildings.


We all spend a significant proportion of our life at work, so it is important for an office to be a welcoming and usable space for visitors and employees. We can work with you to select the optimum lighting, space arrangement and furnishings to create an office environment that encourages enterprise and expresses the ethos of your business.




Monaco Interiors were fantastic from the moment I met them; through their easy going friendly nature they very quickly and accurately identified my likes and dislikes and incorporated these aspects into their amazingly creative design ideas. Monaco Interiors has transformed my lounge and my kitchen into contemporary, relaxing, stylish spaces that we never would have been able to have visualised without their very clear visions. I totally trusted their choices and i’m so glad I did as i have the kitchen and lounge that I would have never have achieved without them. 

If you are looking to transform your home into the home you’ve always dreamt of, I would highly recommend Monaco Interiors. 


Hotel interiors should embody luxury, comfort, style and hospitality. At Monaco Interiors, we have extensive experience of working with some of the world’s most prestigious hotel operators. We will work side-by-side with you to strike the right tone of relaxed sophistication for your hotel, while adding the personal touches that set you apart is a unique business.


At Monaco Interiors, we can create truly unique bar designs and layouts that will delight your customers, and enable your business to stand out from your competitors. In a world where there is so much choice, the bars that succeed are those that offer a distinct and enticing environment to their customers. We can advise you on the right interiors, seating, lighting and balance of furnishings to help create an unforgettable social space for your guests.


People love restaurants not simply for the food and the service, but also for the ambience and experience they offer. This atmosphere comes from a synthesis of different interior design elements, from the flooring you choose to the type of material you use for your tables. Whether your business is a brand-new restaurant, or a well-loved brand in need of a little refreshment, we offer a complete consultancy and project management service tailored to the needs of the hospitality industry.


For a shop or retail centre, your interior design choices say a lot about your brand identity. Depending on the type of shop you operate, customers will have certain expectations about the style and experience they will find in your business. Your interior design gives you the opportunity to capture the imagination of your customers, create memorable experiences and build a loyal, regular customer base. Chat to us about how we can create a truly unique identity for your shop, a retail environment your customers will wish to visit time and time again.