Our services for property developers include an end to end, bespoke interior design service suitable for all developments. We can assist you with conceptual design planning, Brand analysis and feasibility studies for different layouts and design schemes. Whether you are involved in developing a leisure, residential or commercial property, we can help ensure that design excellence is integral to the whole process.


Show House Interior Design

As a property developer, your show home is your shopfront. You need an interior design that inspires your visitors and encourages them to buy, while also giving them scope to imagine how the house could look like as their own.

Marketing & design

At Monaco Interiors we specialise in exquisite modern show house interior design. My team and I have extensive experience working with developers, as well as private clients; creating eye-catching, unique spaces that release the full potential of your properties.

We also bring to our show house design service specialist knowledge of corporate marketing. The purpose of our interiors is not simply to wow your visitors, but to actively encourage them to purchase from you. This is where using a specialist service such as ours gives you added value compared to a standard interior design service.

Custom designed for your target market

It is easy for an interior designer to create a pretty interior based on yours or their own design preferences, without paying attention to the aspirations and motivations of your target customers. With show houses we take the opposite approach. We begin with an understanding of your target market. What is their age, their gender, their professional background? Defining your ideal customer allows us to understand the design preferences of their demographic group and create an interior that resonates with them. It also gives us insight into how your desired customers view their properties, how they like to plan their homes and shape them in their image.

Striking the right balance

A show house interior should give enough detail to fire the imagination, so your visitors have some understanding of what it will be like to live there. At the same time, it should be neutral and uncluttered enough so that the property can speak for itself as a creative space in its own right. This is a fine balance to strike, and it is what we specialise in here at Monaco Interiors.

Add value to your property development

We offer our show house interior design service to property developers of all sizes around the world. If you have a show house development and want it to shine apart from your competitors in a hotly contested housing market, let us work with you to unleash its full potential. The first step to realising more value from your property is to have an informal chat. Give us a call and speak with me or one of our designers today on: 0333 011 6878 or email:


I had privilege of working with Monaco Interiors at Ideal Home Show, Joanna did an amazing job delivered professionally and with great style. She is an excellent designer and great person to work with.


We all spend a significant proportion of our life at work, so it is important for an office to be a welcoming and usable space for visitors and employees. We can work with you to select the optimum lighting, space arrangement and furnishings to create an office environment that encourages enterprise and expresses the ethos of your business.