Grand Designs April 2016

As soon as we heard the theme for the upcoming Grand Designs show in April we could hardly wait to get our teeth into planning a truly outrageous and original design. The theme for the show is “famous places that never existed”. For us there was only one place that evoked the mystery and style needed to do justice to the theme – the lost city of ATLANTIS. Our challenge is to design a room set that is contemporary, stylish and liveable, while still conjuring a mythic glamour fit for the gods themselves. Atlantis is a Hellenic world, allowing us to feature gorgeous Greek statuary, rich bronze accessories and angular, geometric designs. At the same time, it is a lost, underwater kingdom, so we want the atmosphere to reflect dappled sunlight coming down through the depths, and ancient treasures tarnished by the passage of time. Our colours will include deep blues and greens, complemented by grey, cream and turquoise. We also want to explore the riches of copper as a material, juxtaposing the beautiful blue-green tarnish of old copper with the bright warm gold of the freshly polished material. The design is still in its planning stage but we are having a lot of fun allowing our imaginations to recreate an Atlantis theme for a modern interior. We hope you will be able to join us at the Grand Designs show in April 2016 to see our finished room set.

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