“Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication”
~ Leonardo da Vinci ~

We are a London based, full service Interior Design partnership specialising in creative interiors for homes and commercial buildings.

Begin with an idea, and then make it become something

Every bedroom, office, shop and living room you enter has a design. Some designs are bold and loud, and demand attention as soon as you arrive. Others are subtle and quiet, blending imperceptibly into the background. In other spaces, the design is blurred, buried under layers of growth, change and life.The design and decor of our living and working environments profoundly affects our mood, productivity and state of mind. You can positively affect the quality of your life and those around you, by taking control of the design of your living spaces. The greatest of changes start with a simple idea, and it is our job to help make this happen for you.We are committed to working closely with you to spark the creative rapport necessary to help your vision come to life. Our working method emphasises a dialogue with our clients to determine their ideas, requirements, dreams and creative flair – the result being a truly unique living, office or commercial space.

Thank you to LUX magazine for this wonderful article on Monaco Interiors and the girls behind it. Great write up! Thank you also for our great award! To read full article please click below.

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At Monaco Interiors, we pride ourselves in the highest standards of interior decoration, working only with the best trades and materials available. We work with efficient and professional tradespeople and craftsmen to implement your design in the fastest and least disruptive means possible.

Style and quality



30 APRIL – 08 MAY 2016

As soon as we heard the theme for the upcoming Grand Designs show in April we could hardly wait to get our teeth into planning a truly outrageous and original design. The theme for the show is “famous places that never existed”. For us there was only one place that evoked the mystery and style needed to do justice to the theme…

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Showcase Your Individuality

We are here to fashion your living or working area into an individual expression of your own personality, a relaxing and invigorating space that is as unique as you are.

We are dedicated to working within your budget, and to your requirements; and guarantee customer satisfaction on each project. We will consider projects of all sizes, from single rooms, to full house renovations, office refits, retail stores and more.

Marriott Hotel Garden Concept – Shek

Ureki Japanese Garden Revision