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Project Description


Canary Wharf

This apartment is in a desirable central location enjoying spectacular views over the city. The client wanted to break with the austere modernism of some of their neighbours and create a warm, homely space, incorporating traditional elements into a contemporary setting. The result is a bright, quirky blend of different styles and features. The master bedroom was especially memorable. Here we designed a sumptuous and luxurious room. We love the combination of delicate floral patterned curtains with that striking baroque chandelier and gorgeous regency couch.

The bathroom is spacious and inviting, with acres of lush black veined marble surfaces highlighted against warm cream cupboards. In complete contrast to the dark woods and classic features in some parts of the apartment is the stylishly minimal living room, where the client wanted no distractions from their beautiful panoramic views over the Thames. This customer was a pleasure to work with and it was very satisfying to see their vision come to life in their apartment.